Ongoing support when you need it

Ongoing support when you need it

Attending the Smilefast Pro course is only the start. We hold your hand every step of the way. This is so we can make certain you remain confident throughout every part of your patient’s treatment. We pride ourselves on our ongoing support because we are truly dedicated to making Smilefast a success for you and your patients.


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The support we offer isn’t restricted to clinical help. We also offer marketing material and ongoing training to help you provide Smilefast to your patients.

What Dentists have to say about SmileFast

“Not only was the quality of the course outstanding but the follow up support was and still is amazing…they promptly reply back to my questions, giving me the confidence to use Smilefast in my practice knowing that there is always someone to support and help you along the way.”

Dr Donald Fam

“There is support for the dentist throughout treatment from start to finish.”

Dr Luke Kyriacou

“Very happy with follow up support – very important.”

Dr Gamer Verdian

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