3D Set-up

3D Set-up gives you complete control

No other cosmetic orthodontic system gives you the power, precision and control of our 3D software.

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What Dentists have to say about SmileFast

“The Indirect bonding method in Smilefast makes it very easy for anyone to use the system in that although the techniques of placing brackets is taught and shown in the course, indirect bonding ensures that you place the brackets correctly every time. ”

Dr Donald Fam

“The digital indirect bonding technology used makes bracket placement a breeze. In combination with the 3D viewer, which allows the dentist to make changes and view the treatment outcome prior to commencing treatment, this system is easy to use and is a great marketing tool for patients.”

Dr Luke Kyriacou

“One of the worries I’ve always had is the positioning of the brackets because I know it’s easy to get wrong. Instead what I do now is I take a digital scan, send it to the lab, and the setup up comes back all ready to put in. It’s simple. It’s virtually fool proof ”

Dr Philip Stacy

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