Stand out from the crowd with Smilefast

If you are looking for a treatment to help you increase your patient base, Smilefast is an advanced cosmetic orthodontic treatment designed for dentists.

You don’t need to be an orthodontist to be a Smilefast provider.This discreet orthodontic option is more accurate than traditional braces because the brackets are placed by computer rather than by hand—which allows for faster and more accurate treatment.

Stand out from the crowd and offer your patients a discreet, effective cosmetic braces solution

Many of your patients have crooked teeth and want a better smile. Now you don’t need to refer them to an orthodontist.

Smilefast is a cosmetic orthodontic treatment you can learn during a comprehensive two-day hands on course.

Smilefast’s leading-edge technology with digital treatment setup and indirect bonding makes treatment simple, fast and effective. Best of all, you can show the patient the expected results before you start.

Smilefast and your practice

With this orthodontic treatment you will have the opportunity to attract patients who are looking to correct minor orthodontic concerns quickly and discreetly.

Additionally, you’ll be able to do the check-ups and cleans during their treatment so they only have to go to one practice and you can ensure their oral health throughout the process.

Grow your practice and your business by offering Smilefast to your patients.

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