Over 400 dentists have attended a Smilefast course, and their feedback speaks for itself.

  • 95% give the Smilefast course an overall rating of 9/10 or above.
  • 95% feel confident to provide Smilefast to their patients after attending the course.
  • 100% would recommend the Smilefast course to a fellow colleague.

Dr Robby Sehmi

“Last year I spent time looking at what my area needed most. Many of my adult patients had complaints about minor crowding, spacing and partially erupted teeth, but were not keen on wearing braces for up to 2 years. My only option for them at that time was clear aligners, which could take up to 2 years and was very costly. I started to research online about short term braces and came across Smilefast. After the two day course with Dr Hall, I walked away fully confident in applying the technique in my practice. The course was concise, practical and geared toward the most common type of cases seen by general dentists. After returning to work, I suddenly found myself excited about providing this new service to my patients. The great part about the Smilefast systems is it provides treatment that people actually want in a short amount of time. Almost immediately, I had ten cases ready for treatment and 12 months on, I average 12 cases a month! The system has proven itself time and time again with great results and happy patients who refer! The support of Dr Hall and his staff has been fantastic, and they are always available for a chat to help with difficult cases. Smilefast has easily been the best money I have ever spent on any dental course! I would encourage any dentist looking to increase productivity and “feel good” factor in their offices!”

Dr Derek Mahoney

“After evaluating all the different cosmetic orthodontic options available in the market in both short term braces and aligner therapy, one of the products that stands out above the rest is Smilefast—Smilefast offers a comprehensive and sound training programme combined with a superb digital solution and full ongoing support from an excellent orthodontic specialist---it gives the general dentist an easy fail safe system to provide consistent high quality orthodontic outcomes for their patients with minimal chairside time and great profitability. I highly recommend any Dr looking to incorporate this growing area of orthodontics in their practice to work with Smilefast. ”

Dr George Lee

“I have attended every short-term orthodontic program available in Australia as well as many of the overseas short-term courses and Dr Geoffrey Hall’s Smilefast program is hands-down the best and most informative. I could not recommend a course that will change your dental life as much as the Smilefast course.”

Dr Kathlyn Hanasy

“One of the best courses I’ve been to in a while. Geoff, thank you for making this course so enjoyable and impactful with your enthusiasm and expert knowledge. It was awesome to come to your course, and I mean that in the traditional sense of the word – inspiring, outstanding, excellent.”

Dr Gina Irwin

“Wow! Amazing software. Geoff clearly communicates his passion for orthodontics in an entertaining way and is very generous in sharing his experience and knowledge. Thank you!”

Dr Katya Buc

“Very well run, great presenter, clear and concise content. I learnt a lot of new concepts and cemented other information. So very pleased I attended. Thanks!”

Dr Mark Psillakis

“Brilliant! Geoff’s casual yet professional style is great. Extensive manual is a plus.”

Dr Val Roberts

“Geoff is a world class lecturer. For general dentists this course allows you to immediately introduce orthodontics into your practice. In two days I have learnt more orthodontics than I did in 5 years of dental schooling.”

Dr Vadi Vojdani

“An excellent course, I would highly recommend it. Thank you!”

Dr Anyda Stein

“I will be telling other dentists about it!”

Dr Hisham Abdalla

“Awesome, friendly atmosphere and personal engagement”

Dr Sana Ajaj

“Was really good, learnt more in 1 day than in 12 days at other courses”

Dr Gamer Verdian

“Very happy with follow up support – very important.”

Dr Luke Kyriacou

“The SmileFast course is a great way for general dentists to introduce orthodontic treatment in their office. It provides the solid orthodontic foundations required to start treating patients right away, with the knowledge that there is support for the dentist throughout treatment from start to finish. The digital indirect bonding technology used makes bracket placement a breeze. In combination with the 3D viewer, which allows the dentist to make changes and view the treatment outcome prior to commencing treatment, this system is easy to use and is a great marketing tool for patients. ”

Dr Cam Christophers

“I attended the 2 day Smilefast introductory course in August 2017 . The seminar and hands on were extremely interesting and well organised . Geoff provides 3 decades of orthodontic knowledge in a way that provides confidence to the GP in which cases to treat and which to refer. As a GP with some previous ortho training I found the tips in regards to mechanics very useful. The course handbook is beautifully presented ,along with a before and after book for the surgery. I have started several cases since the course and the process is very smooth , emails are answered promptly, the indirect set ups make the bracket bonding easy and my cases are progressing well. For GP's wanting to integrate orthodontics into their practices I would highly recommend the Smilefast system.”

Dr Jonathan Luk

“I decided to do the Smilefast course to get a feel of whether orthodontics was something I could see myself enjoying and implementing, without first having to commit to the investment of time and expense in doing a 2 year comprehensive orthodontic course. My impression of orthodontics from dental school was that it was rather boring, and its principles were generally incomprehensible. However, while attending the Smilefast course, I found myself highly interested and engaged for the entire 2 day program, and for the first time orthodontics was starting to make real sense. Geoff is a fantastic presenter with a fun sense of humour, and a clear passion for educating general dentists in orthodontics.

One of the most appealing parts of Smilefast was the support available, and the security in knowing that the cases we select for treatment are in fact straightforward ones that will lead to predictably good results. The support available from Geoff and Robyn was invaluable, with very prompt responses to all my queries, whether they were to clarify concepts taught in the course, or clinical questions about my upcoming case. They also encourage me to think about my case, and to propose what to do next visit to ensure my rationale and thought process is correct, which is an invaluable learning exercise. It was fantastic having Geoff and Robyn offer to visit the practice to support me during my first indirect bonding appointment, to make sure everything was going smoothly. It was intensive yet still very straightforward to implement all the hands-on procedures on a real patient for the first time. My patient and I are very keen to see the final results of the treatment. I look forward to taking on more cases with Smilefast, and when the time is right I will certainly look towards doing the OrthoEd program.”

Dr Donald Fam

“Dr Geoff Hall presents the principles and techniques of Smilefast in a thorough and very easy to understand manner. Not only was the quality of the course outstanding but the follow up support was and still is amazing, I find it very beneficial to have the ability to contact either Geoff or Robyn to ask questions to which they always reply back very promptly, no matter what day it is, even on weekends, they promptly reply back to my questions, giving me the confidence to use Smilefast in my practice knowing that there is always someone to support and help you along the way. The Indirect bonding method in Smilefast makes it very easy for anyone to use the system in that although the techniques of placing brackets is taught and shown in the course, indirect bonding ensures that you place the brackets correctly every time and makes it so much easier to get started. Thanks Geoff and Robyn.”

Mark Davies

“I did the Smilefast course with Geoff 3 years ago and had several cases underway within a few weeks. The comprehensive, quality training gave me all the confidence I needed to get started and support is only an email or phone call away with a response within minutes. The Indirect Bonding System is simple, accurate and makes bracket bonding a breeze. It has transformed my working life with fantastic feedback from patients and ongoing referrals. 3 or 4 times quicker than any plastic aligners and completely predictable. Why should Orthodontists have all the fun?! ”

Dr John Pohl

“I have done a few short term orthodontic cosmetic courses – Smilefast is the best system without any question. The ease of the portal, the digital indirect bonding system where I can show the patient the final result and know the brackets are placed in the correct position to provide the anticipated alignment. As Smilefast is an Australian based company, the support provided from Smilefast is second to none – there is nothing which is too much trouble, all my questions are promptly answered and having the Smilefast staff attend my practice to assist with bandings and adjustments is extremely beneficial. This provides me with the confidence that I needed to undertake this area of practice. Smilefast has been life changing for my practice – and anyone wishing to choose a short term orthodontic system should look no further than Smilefast.”

Dr Lynette Wallace

“I have been using Smilefast Indirect bonding now for the past 12 months. Since that time I have been able to service many more patients and received more word of mouth referrals. In particular patients are really impressed with the digital imaging of the projected end results and feel more confident and at ease with our ability to carry out treatment. Patients are also excited with two opinions for the price of one - not only do we do our diagnosis and treatment planning but it is also looked at by a second party – ie orthodontist without any additional expense to the patient. Patients treatment is progressing faster and resulting in much less loss of brackets due to the indirect bonding. Also the patients are finding the appointments quicker and more confortable. We.We have found the Smilefast team seamless in communication and sending through our cases on time. I highly recommend Dr Geoffrey Hall at Smilefast for his systems and support in treating our patients and would not hesitate in recommending his courses and digital indirect bonding systems for dentists and orthodontists wishing provide the highest quality of service and treatment to their patients. ”

Dr Virginia Williams

“I had not been involved in orthodontic treatment until recently as I was not confident to move into this area without further training, it is hard to get the experience without a huge commitment. Smilefast allows you to become confident with planning using the knowledge base of a team that has a huge experience in orthodontics. From the beginning, the training is very thorough, and the quality of the materials is excellent, but confidence is gained with planning support from Geoff, he doesn't do my work for me, but he is always approachable and prompt in answering my questions and not letting me wander into trouble. Throughout treatment, the ongoing support also means we don't get 'stuck' for long periods with teeth not moving, sometimes reminders of particular skills are all that is needed. I really find the Smilefast computer program a help to both myself and as a resource for patient - everyone loves seeing 'how the teeth will look' at their band up - hope is a great thing! Practically, the accuracy of the computer alignment of the brackets really reduces the need for bracket re-siting later in the treatment. The early computer modelling is very helpful for creating a vision of where we are going and estimating other treatment planning needs, it is easier to plan a crown if you can see where the teeth will end up, for example in adult patients with wear damage from deep class II bites. Often for adults, orthodontics provides better treatment choices than orthodontists alone. I am really loving being able to give patients a greater choice in treatment options. The digital indirect bonding system makes fitting the brackets quick and simple, even when new to the process. Patients I have who have had orthodontics when they were young are sometimes stunned at the time it took, I have had many situations where I have been asked 'Are we finished already?'. ”

Dr Andy K

“One of the best very practical, nicely explained, easy to understand, courses. Geoff is very organised, straightforward, and is very supportive. This system definitely treats situations better and more than just front six teeth. Like the digital set up, which is very predictable, accurate and diagnostic. Very quick responsive team to work with if any issues,who is ready to go extra mile. ”

Dr Peter Sayegh

“For many years I was hesitant to pursue orthodontics for my patients due to my limited experience. I had researched many courses/systems that offered short term cosmetic treatment that were accurate and easy to follow and more importantly offered quality ongoing support. I attended the Smilefast course with an open and eager mind and can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised with the confidence it's given me to finally incorporate orthodontics into my practice. The courses itself was professionally presented with detailed but simple protocols to follow, case studies as well as a hands-on component. What makes Smilefast unique is the digital indirect bonding system. It certainly takes the guess work out for a general dentist with minimal experience. Dr Geoffrey Hall was kind enough to send me a Smilefast expert, Robyn, who shadowed me during my first clinical cases to ensure my patients would get the best possible results. Her insights and recommendations were appreciated by both my staff and my patients. Smilefast is a first rate orthodontic course offered by an experienced and knowledgeable Orthodontist. All my concerns and questions were answered promptly and clearly and I look forward to the being able to offer my patients this additional and invaluable treatment option in the future! ”

Dr Darrel Beckley

“Six months ago I had no previous orthodontic experience. I attended the 2015 Smilefast course and now I have 10 active orthodontic patients under my care. This was made possible by the education and hands on training course run by Dr Geoff Hall. This gave me the confidence to proceed with my first case. Next the difficulty of precise bracket placement is taken out of your hands due to Smilefast’s indirect bracket system. And finally the ongoing support and feedback I receive while treating my patients is exceptional. I have no hesitation in recommending Smilefast to any dentist looking to introduce orthodontics into their practice. ”

Dr Henk Eksteen

“I have just received the 3rd orthodontic appliance from you this month and want to take this time to thank you for the ease with which I was able to attach these digitally designed appliances to my patients’ mouths. The current way you design and construct the indirect bracket bonding system is truly a “no brainer” and such a pleasure to use. Since attending your introductory 2-day tuition classes 2 years ago in Melbourne in October 2013, I have been using your orthodontic appliances and was not only amazed at the ease of attaching these “smilefast” brackets to the teeth, but also at the speed with which they work and deliver very satisfactory results for patients. I am always warning patients that the time required from attaching the brackets to completion of treatment could take from 6 to 8 months. Surprisingly I have been able to remove the appliances before 4 months were up in every single case. I have a number of practices around me that are selling “fastbraces”, and I am pleased to report that I still attract a good number of patients who prefer “smilefast braces”. I am now at a point where I can recommend “smilefast” appliances to my patients with great confidence as I not only know that it works very well, but that I can face competition from other systems. It is a great confidence booster for me, a general dentist, to complete orthodontic treatment on my patients and then to receive the gratitude from my patients saying that cosmetically it is exactly what they wanted. I can report that with your help and the quality of your ongoing support, I am now aspiring towards treating more complicated cases with the “smilefast” system. Once again, thank you for designing such an effective orthodontic treatment. ”

Monita Nayak

“I had not done any orthodontics since graduation and was very apprehensive when the course information said that we would be ready to do orthodontics at the end of 2days.I had attended a few of Dr Geoff Halls lectures in the past and know him to be a good lecturer. I did the 2 day course held in Melbourne and was extremely surprised at how quickly and easily he took us through the basics of Orthodontics .At the end of the first day, having learnt a lot,I was beginning to feel a bit more confident. By the end of the second day of the course, I was truly impressed! Not only had we learnt the basics, but we could understands the biomechanics better and the hands on course at the end of the day was brilliant. Geoff is a wonderful lecturer and very knowledgeable practitioner and passionate teacher. Having completed the course, I was ready to start. I was even more impressed at how easily I could get the starter kit, and at how well this was organised. The portal is extremely self-explanatory and any difficulties I had in its use was quickly addressed by both Dr G Hall and Robyn. Throughout the course of the treatment I had constant feedback from Dr.Hall and Robyn. All of my doubts and queries were resolved promptly. It honestly is like having someone there to guide you every step of the way. The bracket bonding technique is truly as simple as it sounds and works brilliantly. I have done many course in the past, I have never done one that truly delivers more than it promises. ”

Kelly Kim

“I just wanted to say what a fantastic system Smilefast is. You guys have been amazing in responding to questions, the indirect trays were set up fantastically and were easy to peel off, the ormco brackets look great, and more than anything the course had equipped me so well to be able to tackle ortho in a way that I never thought was possible. (I have previously been to a General comprehensive Orthodontic course that was much longer than 2 days, but I learned more at SmileFast!!!!) Thank you so much and please keep up the good work!! I have been telling all my dental colleagues about SmileFast and a bunch of them are gonna sign up for the course in Sydney 2016. I cant wait for the advanced course. ”

Dr Matthew Lombardi

“Smilefast is a must do for any dentist that wants to provide high quality cosmetic dentistry to their patients. Smilefast has not only brought into our practice a large number of orthodontic patients, but also has helped convert these patient to highly motivated long term general dentistry patients. Even after undertaking many long and short form orthodontic courses over the years, with Geoff’s great teaching, I picked up heaps of great bio mechanical tips and tricks that have changed the way I treat my orthodontic patients. The ongoing support provided by Smilefast is invaluable with most clinical questions answered within the day, giving you confidence in treating your patients because you know that backing is only an email away. ”

Dr Angie Papas

“I decided to undertake the Smilefast course with some hesitation as I have never done braces before. Dr Geoff Hall managed to satisfy my curious mind and within a couple of weeks I had my first case. The Smilefast team has made my treatment planning and carrying out the work so easy and efficient As they are there every step of the way! Smilefast allows me to provide an aesthetic treatment option For my patients that’s effective , relative quick and the best part is we can do everything in house. From the beginning of the treatment till the end the Smilefast team have made every step so stress free. Digital indirect bonding and 3d virtual set up,online case management and continual education. It cant get any better than this!”


“Dr Geoff Hall presents the principles and techniques of Smilefast in a thorough and very easy to understand manner. Not only was the quality of the course outstanding but the follow up support was and still is amazing, I find it very beneficial to have the ability to contact either Geoff or Robyn to ask questions to which they always reply back very promptly, giving me the confidence to use Smilefast in my practice knowing that there is always someone to support and help you along the way. The Indirect bonding method in Smilefast makes it very easy for anyone to use the system in that although the techniques of placing brackets is taught and shown in the course, indirect bonding ensures that you place the brackets correctly every time and makes it so much easier to get started. Thanks Geoff and Robyn ”

David Norcross

“Despite being only a 2 days course I found the Smilefast training to be very comprehensive. The written material provided with the course was also excellent and something that I am able to keep referring back to. Now I have started treating patient it is reassuring to have Geoff available to answer questions about each case and help guide me through the treatment. Geoff always responds very quickly to questions which has been invaluable when approaching the finishing of cases when I have been trying to fine tune the aesthetics. Doing Geoff’s course has been a good introduction into short term orthodontics and has now encouraged me to continue my orthodontic education with further courses.”


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