After over 20 years of clinical experience as a specialist orthodontist, Dr Geoffrey Hall developed Smilefast. Smilefast is designed to cater for the countless adult patients he saw that were not happy with their teeth but weren’t prepared to spend 2-3 years in treatment, especially in metal braces.

With Dr Hall’s orthodontic expertise and several years of development behind it, the Smilefast system provides the quality care, predictable tooth movement, and better treatment outcomes that other systems cannot match.

World class training and support

Smilefast training – led by Dr Geoffrey Hall – enables you to confidently treat patients immediately. Step-by-step training ensures you know exactly which patients can be treated and how best to treat them.

When you finish a Smilefast course we offer clinical guidance throughout your patient’s treatment, including case suitability and treatment planning services.

Discover how the technical sophistication of Smilefast’s digital treatment set-up and indirect bonding is easy-to-use, allowing you to generate new revenue from short term orthodontics straight away.

The courses we offer include:

What Dentists have to say about SmileFast

“Ever since I have known Geoff he has impressed me with his unwavering passion and dedication to better himself as an Orthodontist with a singular purpose of providing the best of care for his patients. And as a result he has developed unique knowledge, skills and insights into the practice of Orthodontics. These he very eloquently and energetically shares with colleagues in his courses making them fun and professionally very rewarding. Geoff is “Primus inter pares”…a first amongst equals Dr Rohit Sachdeva, Founder and developer of suresmile, and inventor of the copper niti archwire.”

Dr Rohit Sachdeva

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