Why use Smilefast

Why every dentist needs Smilefast

Cosmetic dentistry is an essential service in any dental practice if you want to offer a full suite of patient services. The introduction of cosmetic orthodontic systems for adults into general practice has been a great step forward for dentists wanting to increase the range of quality products they can use for their patients in their own practices.
With a range of systems available you might be wondering why Smilefast is the best choice for your practice?

How Smilefast overcomes patient barriers to treatment

Firstly, Smilefast is one of the most affordable and predictable cosmetic teeth straightening orthodontic systems available for general practice use. You will be able to offer your clients a quality, affordable product you know will deliver the results both you and they expect.
Because Smilefast uses 3D imaging you can show your patients various treatment scenarios and even the final result. You or your hygenists/therapists can use the 3D imaging for digital indirect bonding.

Staying in control

Being able to maintain control all the way through the treatment is one of the reasons why so many dentists are now using the Smilefast system. There’s no need for external technicians to manually place brackets or for patients to be referred out to an external orthodontist.
Being able to offer your clients cosmetic orthodontic treatments that are performed and monitored by you is a great way to strengthen and deepen the dentist/patient relationship. Cosmetic dentistry can be discussed and implemented as part of routine check-ups, which will help clients feel much more comfortable with the process. Smilefast is becoming the system of choice for general dentists because there’s minimal bracket repositioning during treatment and you are able to guide each individual tooth to its final position easily.

The advantage of time

Another reason why Smilefast is an essential service for your practice is the turnaround time the system can achieve. Adults seeking cosmetic dentistry are looking for fast results and that’s where Smilefast is going to help you deliver. You will be able to provide your clients with high quality results in just six to nine months. Wearing an aligner for more than a year or two is not what any adult wants to hear, so to be able to give your clients the smile they are after in half that time is a big bonus.

We’re constantly improving

One of the best things about Smilefast though is what is yet to come. We encourage a culture of ongoing investigation with a view to always be improving the product we have to offer. I expect that in the very near future the Smilefast system will be expanded and further developed. As well as being able to offer a simple and highly effective teeth-straightening treatment for adults, for example, we’re currently investigating a system which can tackle bite and alignment issues in children.
This isn’t something we take lightly. I’m currently in the process of testing the system in my own specialist practice. The results we’ve had so far are encouraging, but we want to be certain before we bring any such product to market.

So really, it’s more a question of why not Smilefast rather than why Smilefast.

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