THREE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: What you need to know about short term cosmetic orthodontic systems.

So you have decided to undergo training in short-term cosmetic orthodontics – Congratulations! Not only are you expanding your own personal skill set, but you are also about to enter an incredibly lucrative sub-industry with high demand just beginning to flourish in Australia. Your decision to up skill as a general dentist means you can further engage your existing patients, bring new patients into your practice and enjoy shaking up your old routine. But there IS a catch:

Not all Short Term Cosmetic Orthodontic training is created equally – and your decision to invest in the correct system can be a gamble on your reputation. Why risk it? Before choosing your training provider or system, you need to ask these three crucial questions:

What is the quality?

Have you ever bought a cheap kettle and wondered why it broke only two months down the track? That’s because you truly

receive what you pay for. Consider your decision to train in Short term ortho the same way you would purchase any appliance or item you are  looking to depend on – You want to know it is going to work (and work well)  and be predictable and reliable. For short term orthodontics, this can range from the quality and depth of training, the accuracy of bracket positioning through to the quality of the instruments and supplies. Do your research and always ask about extra value, extended learning opportunities and in particular, support.

What ongoing support do I have?

So you have completed your training: Now what? It’s not uncommon to feel nervous when doing your first case, so it’s understandable to want a strong support base to reassure, re-educate and encourage your endeavors to ensure you are giving your patients the best treatment possible. If the provider you are considering only offers limited support, or none at all, look elsewhere – Your reputation as reliable and well educated is your most important attribute –do not let choosing a poor quality system compromise your credibility

How does their technology assist me?

As technology advances, it’s easy to be left behind. Ensuring your provider leads the industry in cutting edge technology not only future-proofs your services, but often means you are receiving the best assistance in your diagnosis and treatment. Modern tech systems do not necessarily mean intimidating or hard to use; In fact, the best are the complete opposite with focus on making the system easy for the dentists to use and provide unique and efficient communication and ultimately a visual treatment objective which determines precise bracket placement that is easily and quickly transferred to your patients mouth.

As Australia’s most comprehensive and elite short term orthodontic training provider and system, we are committed to your practice because we know “what matters”. We aim to offer the general dental industry only the best in education, local support and the most accurate,  predictable and easy to use indirect bonding system due to our unique digital technology and process –  ensuring our Smilefast accredited providers have the full confidence to offer cosmetic orthodontic treatment to their valued patients while expanding their practice and revenue.

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