The key benefit of providing cosmetic orthodontics to your patients

Statistics suggest only 7% of people who are unhappy with their teeth end up receiving some form of orthodontic treatment. Research suggests that there are four major factors that cause a lack of orthodontic treatment:

  • Cost
  • Appearance
  • Time
  • Discomfort

Why is there a need for cosmetic orthodontics as part of general practice in Australia?

Most patients who want to straighten their teeth cosmetically are turned off the idea because of cost.

The Smilefast Digital Indirect Bonding System allows for a fast and straightforward treatment process. Smilefast is able to successfully improve the form and function of an individual’s smile, while reducing discomfort, time, and the costs involved with traditional orthodontics.

Smilefast will:

  • Allow you to achieve predictable tooth movement and achieve the highest quality results in the shortest time possible
  • Produce far better results than other systems that use technicians to hand place brackets
  • Showcase patients their anticipated final result before commencing Smilefast treatment

By offering patients Smilefast you are giving them the opportunity to receive affordable cosmetic orthodontic care.

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