Introducing your patients to Smilefast

A question we often get asked is, “How do I start a conversation about Smilefast with my patients?” Dentists often don’t want to come across as pushy salesmen but also recognise the need to promote new beneficial treatments and services to patients. Here are a few ideas on how you can start the conversation to convince patients to becoming Smilefast patients!


If your patient is already in your practice, sitting in your chair, then there’s no better time to introduce Smilefast to those ideal patients. “Did you know I could fix your mild crowding in around 6-9 months?” and “What would you say if I could close that gap between your teeth in a few months?” are great simple questions to initiate conversation.

Many adults are under the belief that the cosmetic correction they desire will take years in metal braces and because of this have conceded their teeth will remain untreated. By giving them a solution to their problem that fulfils their needs you’ll be surprised by the reaction you receive. Give them a brochure and invite them to make a Smilefast consultation with you soon.

If you’re uncomfortable directly addressing the patient’s smile, a round-about method is to mention that you’ve introduced Smilefast into your practice, discuss the benefits and ask them to tell a friend. Gauge their reaction and go from there.


Get your reception staff to promote Smilefast to every ideal patient that walks through the door. “Did you know Dr <surname> now offers Smilefast?” is a great opening line. Have the staff hand the patient a brochure and briefly outline the benefits. If they show interest invite them to make a Smilefast consultation


Wouldn’t it be perfect if you had patients coming to you and your staff with questions on Smilefast? Help achieve this by displaying Smilefast advertising throughout your practice. Brochures at reception and in the clinic, wall posters, counter stands, and waiting room TV display images will drastically increase awareness and get patients talking. It’s cheap and effective. Also make sure your website has Smilefast content including information on how it works, images of ideal cases, before and after pictures, and much more.

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