Integrating new treatments into a dental practice

Integrating new treatments into a dental practice

One of the most difficult and overlooked aspects of further education courses for dentists, or for any profession for that matter, is integrating new training into the practice attending a course. Whether it’s clinical training, practice management, business growth, or any other course subject, the dentist often initially leaves the course confident and eager to put her/his new skills into practice. But soon they find that they do not have the systems in place to actually make it work. So what happens? The training goes by the wayside and the practice remains stagnant.

What’s the answer to this? Holistic training. This type of training identifies that education must go far beyond just the dentist or business owner, and must filter down through the practice to all staff members. Furthermore, education must be tailored to different staff members; the receptionist must receive tailored training compared with the dentist, which is again different from the dental nurses and therapists training.

The benefit of holistic training is that it takes the pressure off the dentist or course attendee to disseminate all the content they’ve learnt to various staff members. Holistic training allows change to occur in the practice smoothly and efficiently and ensures consistency amongst all staff members.

While some companies take some measures to include holistic training, Smilefast takes it to a new level. We offer a special 1 day integration training day titled “Smilefast GROW” which provides administration and dental staff with vital Smilefast clinical and marketing training. The dentist has the option of sending their staff to Smilefast GROW while they attend their Smilefast Pro course, which is held over the same date as GROW and at the same venue, or they can send their staff along to a GROW course at a later date.

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