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Local support for orthodontics is more important than you think

As a dentist, you have decided to take the leap into orthodontics. But in the process of selecting the right training, have you considered the importance of local support? For orthodontic novices, Smilefast offers a superior and exceptional local support system that can make the difference between whether your new skill set flourishes or flounders.
Smilefast was created by me, Dr Geoffrey Hall. I am an Australian specialist orthodontist with over 25 years in practice. With my in-depth experience in the field, I understand the practical realities of working as a practitioner in Australia and have worked tirelessly to create the best, most comprehensive orthodontic teaching material. A vital component of this is the local support for orthodontics we offer, the most advanced and personalised on the market. Here’s why:

We will answer your questions

We’ve all been there: you have a problem with a company and when you call, you have to jump through hoops with a recorded robot instead of speaking to a real person. Or maybe you’ve struggled to find a contact form on a website and are instead directed to a generic FAQ that can’t possibly give you the detailed answer you require.
The beauty of Smilefast is that we are a local company, and we provide superior local support for orthodontics. If required we can send our consultants to the practices for your initial bondings, archwire changes and debanding appointments, where you can ask any niggling questions in person. What a novel concept!
Afterwards, you can download photos and submit questions about cases through our secure online portal, and one of our specialist orthodontists will personally reply within the day. Note that it’s not just a general dentist answering your questions. It’s a specialist orthodontist, who boasts years of experience. With this expert advice on tap, your skills will soon accelerate—and so will your professional success.

The level of involvement is totally up to you

Some general practitioners may hit the ground running after the initial training, and only come to us for the odd question. Others need their hands held a little more, requiring feedback after every visit and answers to many questions.
Whatever the level of support you need, we are happy to oblige. By providing you with an extensive network of support tools, we can help you be as confident as possible with patients, and shift your knowledge and skills to the next level.

We provide ongoing training and follow-up support

We don’t leave you high and dry after the training course. We offer a suite of support tools, from monthly training webinars to hands-on group training to study clubs, that give you the opportunity to further master your skills.

We understand local differences

As Australian orthodontists we understand how orthodontics works practically in Australia, including any nuances in relation to, for example, insurance and payment plans. Take Victoria as an example: A recent development there has meant that if general practitioners are doing orthodontics in any form, their insurance policy may be a bit higher.
That local knowledge just isn’t available from a large multinational.
Fortunately, being part of Smilefast won’t hike up your insurance fees significantly —but it will give you the peace of mind of having a specialist orthodontist who can explain to you these implications and who will support you through difficulties if they arise.

Next Pro Course is July 26th-27th 2018, St Kilda Novotel, Melbourne, Victoria.

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